Ben Zappin Oakland Acupuncturist




    Benjamin, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, is a primary health care provider offering integrative services tailored to meet individual’s immediate health care needs and long term goals. Benjamin uses acupuncture and manual therapies, Western and Chinese herbs, and nutritional medicine to support patients in achieving optimal health.

    Benjamin focuses on the treatment of acute and chronic pain, stress relief, mental-emotional conditions, and internal medicine. For more about his practice, please see his website.

    During your first visit, Benjamin will go over your intake form and discuss your primary concern and health history, followed by a focused physical exam. He will then create an individualized treatment plan and provide education about what you can expect from herbs & acupuncture, and about your role in the healing process. Benjamin will also offer information about follow-up, including relevant lab tests or referrals to other practitioners.







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