Services and Fees

Private acupuncture visits with Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac.



Initial Consultation
75 minute appointment
(may include acupuncture treatment if appropriate)
Cost: $125

Follow-up Visit
50 minute appointment
Acupuncture treatment and related modalities in private treatment room
Cost: $85


Herbal Medicine Consultations with Ben Zappin, L.Ac., Karrin Cheifetz, L.Ac., and Hilary Seamans, L.Ac.



15 minute appointment
Consultations are performed in a semi-private setting or in a private treatment room at patient discretion.
Cost: $25 (plus the cost of herbs)



Herbal Pharmacy

The cost of herbs and supplements is added to that of your appointment. Five Flavors Herbs stock many Western and Chinese herbs in bulk, liquid and powdered extracts, and capsules, along with a variety of supplements. If we don’t stock a remedy that is important for your treatment, we can arrange for shipping. You can also buy herbs from us online.


Please contact your insurance company to inquire about acupuncture coverage. Payments are due at the time of service until coverage is verified. If you provide your insurance information we can make an inquiry within 48 hours. We can submit insurance claims on verified plans or give you a superbill to send in yourself. We are also willing to bill pre-approved Workers Compensation claims.




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